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23 January
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Fisting Cop

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Club Inferno Dungeon

Officer Dean Brody amuses himself by patrolling the jail at night harassing inmates. Tonight it’s Seamus O’Reilly’s turn to get the long end of Brody’s nightstick. Brody forces the young ginger to strip out of his jumper and open his hole so he can probe him with the wooden weapon. Brody inserts a good 5 inches into O’Reilly’s tight hole and mercilessly fucks the young prisoner’s manhole.

Despite O’Reilly’s protests Brody pulls on his rubber gloves and shoves his fist up the kid’s ass. This cruel and unusual punishment sends both men into a frenzy, jacking on their gigantic cocks in need of release. O’Reilly lies on his back fisting himself and stroking his huge Irish meat while Brody stands over him beating a load out of his own 10-incher. Both studs shoot streams of hot white cum all over Seamus’ tight young abs.

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25 July

Spencer Reed and Ricky Sinz Gang Fucking

Bound In Public

Spencer Reed and Ricky Sinz lead the crowd in the most intense gang bang ever on all of KinkMen history and possibly the web.


25 July

Jessie Colter and Trey Turner Fuck

Bound Gods

Jessie Colter is alone washing the dungeon late at night. Leo Forte finds him and decides to spring a training session on the cocky new sub. He tests the boy’s endurance with the crop. Leo takes pride in this stallion but needs to make him worth more than his looks. With two buckets tied to an ass hook Jessie must hold on as Leo fills the buckets with weights, pulling the ass hook tighter with every drop. Jessie is suspended upside down, hanging in a head stock with his nipples clipped and nailed to the floor. Leo makes him suck his cock then with Jesse’s ass exposed gives him the electric butt plug and edges the boy. Tied to the metal bed Jesse gets fucked by Leo while the fucksall fucks his mouth. Leo flips the boy around and the fucksall pounds Jesse’s ass until he’s covered by his and Leo’s loads.

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25 July

Rusty Stevens Butt Machine Boy

Rusty Stevens

Rusty Stevens is kept in the metal cage for days because he refuses to carry out the Ass Master wishes. Finally, Rusty just wants to get the hell out of there, so he gives in. The Ass Master wants to see Rusty’s hard cock getting sucked by a machine while he drills his ass with a vibrating dildo. With the AM’s order, Rusty is plowed by the Mini Mite strapped to the Dominater. The pervy AM gets hard when Rusty is stuffed in both ends. The Snake is pumping Rusty’s wet mouth and his juicy ass simultaneously. The muscle stud screams as the Snake pounds on his prostate and gets the cum out of his cock!

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